CBR Barrelman - Robbie Hodges making the crowd laugh

Arena Boxes, Reserved Bleacher Seats and South Side Sky Boxes - Saturday night!

National Anthem singer with Bull Riders! Opening Ceremonies!

Ground Level General Admission and Northside Sky Boxes

High Ride Buckle Winner - Chandler Bownds with Buckle maker - Juan Jose Munoz Andrade

General Admission ground level, Grand Stand Box Seats & Reserved Grand Stand Seats - Saturday night 2014

Arena Box Seats and Reserved Bleachers - Saturday night 2014

Saturday 2013 - Reserved Grand Stand Seats, Grand Stand Box Seats and ground is General Admission - no guaranteed seating

Saturday, 2013 North End of Arena, Skybox seats and ground level is General Admission, no guaranteed seating

Saturday 2013 Arena Box Seats are next to arena and behind is Reserved Bleacher Section

Opening Ceremonies 2013

Saturday Night 2012 - Foreground is Reserved Bleacher Seating and Arena Box Seating. Large Grandstand is in background

Lineup of Bull Riders (Sunday 2012)

Real Screen Video for Instant Replays

Saturday Night 2012 - Reserved Grandstand Seating, Grand Stand Box Seating and General Admission Seating/Standing on Ground Level

Sunday 2012-- North Side Skyboxes and General Admission Seating/Standing on Ground level

Arena Box Seats, Reserved Bleacher Seats and South Sky Boxes Before the Event

Bobby Paul with placques for Best Decorated Small and Large Business

GPMBR Champion and Sponsor Buckles (2011)

Cody Sosbee -Barrel Man

Bucking Chute and Arena Box Seats

Getting Ready For Showtime!!!

The Awesome Jumbotron to Watch Instant Repalys of the Bullriding !!!

GPMBR 2010 Champion Clint Craig

North Side Sky Boxes and General Admission

Arena Box Seats and Arena Bleacher Seats

Covered Reserved Grandstand

South Side Sky Boxes, Reserved Bleachers, and Arena Box Seats

CBR Barrel Man Cody Sosebee Entertaining the Crowd

CBR Bull Riders and Bull Fighters Signing Autographs

GPMBR 2010 Bullriders

LAFB Color Guard with Pauline Reese Singing National Anthem

Bullrider's Riggins Behind the Chutes